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One button convert from PAL to NTSC - this feature has yet to be provided by anyone Im aware of

although some players on the north american market are now both ntsc and pal DVD compliant, it would be
great to be able to convert from one to the other where the need is present

Michael Rizzo Chessman , 17.02.2012, 10:22
Idea status: under consideration


J-Bidness, 14.12.2012, 08:49
Check out this program.....http://kickme.to/DVDPatcher v1.06 I've been using it for years and it works wonders for me. You can change a lot more settings, than just the PAL/NTSC.... Just figured I'd let u know of at least one program, that does it with one click.....I know there are several out there. Happy hunting man:)

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